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Travel Notes

The schedule invariably evolves throughout the year so please check with Holly prior to submitting your entry if you would like coaching at a particular show or event. Also, if you need to cancel, do so as quickly as possible. Events refund if an entry is cancelled less a nominal office fee, if the cancelation is received prior to the closing date.


Please also make sure that you have obtained all required travel and health documents for your horse that are required to cross state lines (e.g. timely coggins test -- typically within 6 months or a  year -- and/or health certificate (usually within 30 days). You need to look up the requirements for each state that you intend to travel through as there can be significant variation from state to state.


You are also responsible for  any other special vaccination requirements to attend the show, such as the new USEF rule for 2016, which requires that all horses at USEF shows will be required to have proof of vaccination for both equine influenza and equine herpes virus within six months prior to entering the show stables. 

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