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Tips for Entering an Event, HJ Show, or Dressage Show

We use three online websites to enter events and shows, which are described below. For all three, you must first establish an account and then you can work through all the required steps to enter a show or event. The first attempt will take some time and you may need additional documents (e.g. coggins test, see travel notes page) or membership numbers.


After several shows/events, the time and cost ( spent signing up becomes well worth it.


If you prefer paper, you can usually go to the event/show website and download a paper entry form and schedule. Make sure you mail everything needed in time to be received by the closing date.

Entering an Event Online with XENTRY 

The below directions are now old and have not been updated. This was how a "non-member" can use xentry. Hopefully it has not changed too much.

1. Set up an account the United States Eventing Association (USEA). The webpage is, and the current signup page is: and fill in the form.


2. Assuming that you are not a member, you will get to a screen that says "No match. . . search again or register as a new member." Click on Yes Register Me.


3.  Fill in further details (id and password and security word) and then it will create account.


4.  It will then take you to login screen, and log in with id and password.


5. Once logged in, under the "Membership Profile," your USEA number will be listed, but it will show you as a Non-Member Individual. You can join the USEA (required for entries above Beginner Novice), or you can skip this if you are entering at the Beginner Novice or Intro  ($25 non-member fee per event entered).


6.  Prior to entering an event though, you do need to also register your horse with USEA, if he/she is not already registered.  Under the "Horses" section, click "Register or Change Ownership." You will go to a search page where you enter name of horse to see if the horse is already registered. If not, click "No Match Found, Register New Horse."


7. Fill in form and save changes, and you can select a restricted registration (no charge) which works for Beginner Novice or Intro, a limited registration (a charge) required to enter Novice and Training levels, and a full membership (a bigger charge) required for Preliminary and above.


8. Once the horse is registered, you need to go back to your "Home" page and under the "Xentry" section, you are now ready to "create an entry".


     a. The first option is to select the event (California is in Area VI);


     b. Then select rider (i.e. you);


     c. Then select horse (if you don't see the horse you just registered, do a search by name);


     d. Then select division (if you are not a member it will only show you as eligible at the "Intro" level. If you want to enter Beginner Novice, it will show you as "not eligible," but select the beginner novice division anyway. On the next page it explains that you have to pay a $25 non-member fee. Click "I understand and Continue;"


     e.  Then fill out form to extent it has not previously been filled out (division, emergency contact, uploading a negative coggins test result if required for the entry, and trainer information (unless in full time training with a trainer who agrees to be listed as the trainer, it is best to list yourself as a trainer) and click continue;


     f.  Fill out stabling information and if you want to stable with Fox Farms, let Holly know, and list Fox Farms/Holly Fox.Typically you need to order additional shavings (we typically order six bales for 3-4 nights), and there are other options, then click finalize your entry;

     g. You will then see a summary of your entry, make sure you read it carefully, if everything is correct, click box confirming that you reviewed entry details and then click "Create My Entry Forms;"

      h. At the next page, there are three forms to download and print. The events require wet signatures (i.e. electronic signatures are not enough yet). You can print them and mail them in with a check if you have the time, or if you are close to the closing date (or if the event might be over-subscribed) you can opt to pay by credit card (and pay a  service charge). This option enters you much more quickly, but you still need to mail in wet signatures (office staff friendly option) or you can take the risk of entry not being accepted, and carry in signed documents to take to show office (not an office staff friendly option); and finally


     i. Several days after your entry is received by the organizer (i.e. either mailed or electronically), and usually after the closing date, events typically post lists of accepted riders. Go to and click on event you signed up for to see if such a list has been prepared and uploaded and whether you have been accepted. It will also show waiting lists if a division is over-subscribed, and any deficiencies in the entry (e.g. missing signatures or payments not received).


Please note that some events (mainly on the East Coast prefer the separate program for entries and to run their events. On the West Coast, it seems as Xentry is the program to use.

Entering a Rated Hunter/Jumper Show with

Again, the below info is old, we just used in in August 2019 after a year break, and seemed to have to pay a full year membership and missed a per show membership option. 

Horse shows typically only involve receiving a stalls and show deposit, and most often only the first days classes are included on the entry as our practice is to enter the next day's classes the afternoon of each show day so as to fit the classes to how the horses is going.


To enter, we typcally use the paid service It has similar sign up requirements to the Xentry program above for eventing, but it is not affiliated with USEF or a governing body like the USEA. Thus it charges for each horse either by the show (currently $8) or by the year ($55), but once all the information is input, it makes signing up for a show and electronic entry via credit card.  You will need your USEF/Norcal/USHJA numbers separately or you will be charged non-member fees.

Entering a Rated Dressage Show with

Dressage shows are more like events and you enter all the classes upfront.


We typcally use the show service It has similar sign up requirements to the Xentry and equestrian connect programs above.


Before starting a show entry, it is best to scan in a form signature, membership cars, and coggins tests, which makes entries much easier to complete.


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