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Fox Farms Additional Services Price List 2022

​​​​​​​Monthly Blanketing- $75/month (limited to one blanket off in AM and on in PM depending on weather) or $40/month for 1x/day (designated either AM or PM)


Monthly Extended Turn Out Service 5x/wk $100/month.

Monthly Supplements, grain owner supplied) fed daily- $50/month or $2/day


Extra flake of hay daily $75/month (not available in group pasture)

Extra Bedding $50/month (one bag per week of wood shavings),  $40/month (one bag per week of pellets)


Special services can be arranged as needed. Service requests should be made by contacting Holly Fox at or text 530.902-1905.


Service requests should be made at least 48 hrs in advance for best service. Services are available pending staff availability.

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